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We’re all aware of the new ‘Where there’s blame, there’s a claim!’ culture, as such, poor sports pitch maintenance is an increasing area of concern for numerous clubs. With increased traffic on pitches coming from external pitch hire, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety and wellbeing of students and the public who use your sports facilities. Whether its loose stones on your tarmac, moss and algae encroaching onto your astroturf pitch, badly maintained sports surfaces can prove to be not only a slip hazard, but a health hazard costing thousands of pounds each year through unnecessary claims. Astroturf Pitches; The single biggest misconception is that synthetic pitches are maintenance free. On the contrary, they require weekly housekeeping to remove litter and surface debris, periodic brushing,

moss, weed and algae treatment to relieve contamination and compaction; ensuring good drainage whilst removing slip hazards from the playing surface. Introducing a regular maintenance programme from the point of pitch installation is essential to ensure good life span. If your pitch maintenance has lapsed and the surface is showing signs of wear, it’s likely to need some TLC to get it back on its feet. Feel free to contact us for a free survey and quotation. Hard court maintenance; Slips and trips on macadam or asphalt courts tend to be attributed to fretting (loose stones) or moss and algae encroachment. This can be alleviated by a surface treatment followed by an intensive clean. Call us to discuss a money saving maintenance plan and or a free survey of your sports surfaces.

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